Delete old indeces data

I'm trying to make some drill down to our system ELK before upgrading.
We are running ElasticSearch with 1.7 (old, I know).

I've found that on ES data directory, we have some indices that not exists by ES (not shown on /status request or /_cat/indices)

It is some Logstash data from 2017 and we don't need it any more.
I just want to make sure it is fine to delete those files without any request for ES (just rm - rf logstash-2017*).
What do you think?


It should be ok. I would take a backup first.

Also, you should really upgrade. 1.7 Is super old.

Backup removed indices is not important at all.
I'll create volume backup before removing for overcome any problems with existing data.

And yes, I need to upgrade it...

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