Delete one child type mapping, affected other children queries

I am using elasticsearch 1.3.4. I have the following setup.

There is one index which has lots of types, in those one type is a parent
for rest of the types in that index. Everytime, we create new type, the
parent/child relationship is established by creating the mapping. I have
the setting { routing : true } in my mapping.

At one point, i need to clear out completely all the data in a specific
child type, so i tried to delete and reload. When i deleted the child type,
what happened to my surprise was all the queries to other children types
which had a "has_parent" in it failed completed. They returned no records
at all. There were no errors in the response.

It was as if the parent key based children data cache across all types got
dropped and it never rebuild. I came to this conclusion, since everything
worked after i restarted elasticsearch.

Could someone shed some light on what could have happened and how do we
handle such type deletion without affecting queries for other types. If
there are any workaround that could done without restarting would be also


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