Delete / purge data from fields

Hi Guys,

Would highly appreciate if you guys can please assist me on this , I need to delete/purge existing + old data which contains these fields : fields.SourceContext & fields.RequestBody under the fields.applicationName= "xyz" .

Can you please let me know what should be the command or script so I can run & delete/purge them.

Hope to hear from you soon.



See the Delete by Query API

If you alternatively could delete a whole index instead of single documents, you should do that due to much faster execution, otherwise the above should work for you.

hi Alexander,

thanks for your reply, would appreciate if you could plz write the query, as I m very new to elastic and not have much time to try it out on my own, please would appreciate.


Please note, that this is forum completely based on voluntary replies. If you do not have a lot of time, you may want to take a look at commercial support options instead. See

I personally do expect people to invest some time into solving a problem, after shown a potential solution. If you try things out and show examples, error messages, how something is not working or what details you are missing on, it's a completely different thing, but just asking to get the work done by someone else without willingness to learn it yourself is something I consider rude towards others and their time and willingness to help.

Hi Alexandar,

Thanks for it , i will try it and let know here if still I am on the right path... cheers

@spinscale..Hi alexandar, can you please let me know if this query is fine , I had a field named as "" under the _source which has information stored with a these letters " Docabc" , so if i run it would this delete the "" field only:

POST logstash-2019.06.10/_delete_by_query
"query": {
"match": {
"message": "Docabc"

you need to specify the concrete field named instead of message

@spinscale, thanks for your reply, i got your point from the last reply , but the problem is that we have 3 different cluster env ( prod, preprod and nonprod ) plus i just want to delete them from under this fields.ApplicationName= abc-abc123-123 , this fileds.applicationName is under the prod cluster and the source words "Docabc" are within the filed.Message ( eventually the filed.message is very huge, so these charcters " Docabc" are part of this field.message)... so eventually i need to delete/purge data that have all these included...... what should i do then... please let me know

I do not understand where the problem is regarding a cluster environment and why that means you need to execute a different query.

If you mean, you need to specify more than one criteria to match your query, take a look at the bool query with a must part, that can be an array.


@spinscale.. Hi .. thanks a lot the bool query works what I was actually looking for, my next question : is there any way around to make these queries automated , so that it may run by itself or by scheduling them.


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