Delete syslog fields from logstream

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Hi there,

Sorry if this question is being stupid, but I'm trying to get something weitrd working... the deal is I have some Firewalls which send some data to ElasticSearch via LogStash. all works fine, except the only format I can stream is Syslog format that shows up like tis on Elasticsearch:


What I try to achieve is that I only get the LOG-CONTENT out of the whole string, and then use grok to parse the log content and make custom indexes via regex.

The latter I managed to get running, but I have a lot of exttra data with the Syslog format's fields like timestamp, host, port and so on. I have all this, but was not able to filter out just the message.

Any tipps are highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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As part of your Logstash pipeline, you can remove unwanted fields, e.g. using the mutate plugin.

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Oh man... I was so focused on the removing of stuff, that I forgot about the actual plugin doing it... the mutate was missing... sorry for being derp... and many thanks for pointing to the right direction!

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