Deleted Elasticsearch http_ca.crt

A client, who has logstash and a elastic node in the same machine, was having problem indexing data with logstash, the cacert configuration in the logstash output was pointing to the elasticsearch directory where he has the http_ca.crt file.

When I checked the file, it was empty, so I enter to another elastic node and try to SCP the file to the server with the missing file, for some reason or my inexpierience I could not copy the file, so I opened in a text editor and copy the content and then create and paste the content to another file in the server where it was missing.

logstash started to index data again, but I have some doubts.

  • Every time a node is restarted it uses the http_ca.crt file?
  • The http_ca.crt is exactly the same for all the nodes?
  • The fact that I copy and paste the content of the file to another server may cause any problems?


For your first 2 questions, yes.
For the last one, not unless you are copy from linux to a windows machine and then back to linux there can be issues with carriage returns. Otherwise you should be ok.

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