Deleted sincedb files, no new are getting created

Ok, so I decided to delte my .sincedb files, and they never reappeared. :frowning:

Did you restart LS?

Yes sir. Several times. The .sincedb files used to be under /root

What does your config look like?

Hey warklom,

So I belive someone must have restarted Logstash in my server, before Logstash was running as root, but i guess someone made it run as Logstash, and the sincedb files started to get saved under /opt/logstash/ , haha. Or maybe the reason the files begin to go under /opt/logstash is because I used the start_position => beginning once? Anyways, I am however facing a new issue. So I have a file that has new things appended to it as a newline every once in a while, which are the new messages. So when a new mesage comes in, Logstash pickups up the new event, and the previous both, as new events. I beleive I can fix this issue using the Codec multi-line filter correct?

However today I logged into a Logstash Indexer box today, and I found absolutely no Logstash sincedb file.

find / -name "since" 2> /dev/null

The above find command returns 0 results. This time I have no idea why there is none. This logstash configuration looks something like:
input {

        { host => ""
          data_type => "list"
          key => "redis-key"
          codec => json
          threads => 2

output {
else if [appname] == "appname-value" {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["","",""]
index => "index-name-%{+YYYY.MM}"
user => "username"
password => "password"
ssl => true
cacert => '/opt/logstash/something.pem'

Any ideas fellow loggers?