File creates empty sincedb file and no data is processed

(Chris) #1

I'm sure there is a logical reason for this. I have a file that is parsed most of the times but sometimes it is not. I have deleted the sincedb file pattern for this file multiple times, tried setting the "sincedb_path" to "/dev/null" also, but no data is processed from this file. I have run Logstash in Debug mode, and im able to see that no actual data from the file is processed, even though a sincedb file for this is created but it is empty. Any ideas on what could be causing this. Also, I am not able to see any errors in any of the Logstash logs. Any ideas are very much appreciated guys, thanks.

(Jakob Reiter) #2

Are there new lines added to the file?
Logstash will only look for new lines and not process old ones, even if sincedb_path is set to /dev/null.
If you want to read the whole file again, you can temporarily set start_position => "beginning" , as documented here.

(Guy Boertje) #3

How are you re-parsing the file? IOW, how is the same file getting new content?

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