Deleting documents based on timestam

(Raj Kumar) #1

Hello Experts,

I want to delete some events based on time stamp, below once is the time stamp of an server event which unnecessarily pushed same data multiple times with in a minute, for a minute single time stamp with doc is enough and need to delete others.


Hepl me to resolve this.

(Adrien Grand) #2

You could just search for these particular timestamps, get the ids of the documents that you want to remove and then delete them by id.

(Raj Kumar) #3

Thank u Adrien,

for fewer events i can search and delete but i have 1000's of events like this and because of this excess documents my index size is getting bigger. is it possible to pick a single timestamp and remove others.. ?

(Adrien Grand) #4

Maybe you could automate the process using scipting?

(Raj Kumar) #5

yes am trying via API/CURL but can not filter a single timestamp from multiple, for this i can differentiate timestamp with their seconds interval and keep any one record and delete others is difficult.

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