Deleting Kibana Index patterns and dependencies

Trying to delete multiple index patterns in our kibana instance that are junk.

Some questions related to this.

  • Will deleting the index pattern delete dependent visualizations and dashboards?
  • Will the delete fail if there are dependent visualizations and dashboards?
  • Will the delete leave orphaned objects? If so, can we determine the dependent objects prior to deleting the index patterns and delete them first.


No, it won't fail

Correct, you can have saved objects that reference to a deleted objects, and they are usually called out when loading.

You can check any saved object dependencies from the Stack Management -> Saved Objects interface checking for the Relationships of a given Saved Object.

Example: I have a data view (current name for Index Patterns) called airports that used on a map Airports Map. If I remove the data view the map will complain that this data view is missing.

Peek 2022-03-08 18-29

Thanks for your response.

Can this be done via API?

Yep, check the Saved Objects API, it gives you info on object references, create and remove objects, and so on.

I am running on version 6.8

Is that an issue? What would change in that case?

6.8 has also the relationships feature for Saved Objects

And similarly, if you remove a child object (like an index pattern) the dependant objects will complain about the missing one

You can try this yourself with the sample data just creating a new index pattern and a dashboard on it and then remove the pattern.

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