Deleting Snapshot via Kibana - safe for data?

Hi there,
I am running 7.17.4. In Kibana under:
Stack Management -> Snapshot and Restore -> Snapshots and here in the Menu 'Snapshots' a have a list of (obviously) snapshots I did.
My question: In case these snapshots are not in process / has ended is it safe to delete them? Meaning: If I delete one then no data gets deleted - correct?
I think I am right, but I want to be 100% sure, since it is production data :slight_smile: .
Thanks and kind regards!

Yes, you're right. Snapshot is a backup of a running Elasticsearch cluster.

So if you do not need one and want to delete a particular snapshot of some timestamp, you can do it.

If you delete a snapshot that’s in progress, Elasticsearch cancels it. The snapshot process halts and deletes any files created for the snapshot. Deleting a snapshot doesn’t delete files used by other snapshots.

So, I guess this answers to your question.

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