Dependencies child/parent

Hey Guys,

I want to build a simple application that will be checking dependencies between some objects with some properties.

For example I have an object A with properties (1,2,3,4), then I have object B with properties (1,2), then I have object C with properties (3,4).

Object A is a parent for object B and C, then obviously I will have more objects which will be parent for A or children of B and C. And they are connected through properties, so object B is a child of object A and connected with edges 1,2 and C is connected with A thru 3,4.

I would like to build this structure on Graph, in that way I will be able to query specific Node and get all dependencies for the specific node.

I was thinking that ElasticSearch Graph API would be a good solution for my need. I am wondering what's your opinion ? Can we specify on Graph what is a child and parent?

I am pretty new to ElasticSearch, so forgive me if I am asking obvious questions :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Tom,
The graph API is not designed to easily support the notion of hierarchies with parent and child relationship. This thread is related: How do you build a org chart?

Cheers Mark, ok so seems like in this case need to try something else :slight_smile:


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