Deploy Elasticsearch in kubernetes using ECK


I want to deploy an Elasticsearch cluster using ECK with the following architecture :

Kubernetes cluster details:
4 Nodes and each node have one POD.

Elasticsearch cluster details:
4 Nodes. One Master, One data, One Client and One Kibana node. According to the ECK quickstart guide we need to mention the number of master/data nodes in the YAML configuration, Requirement is to deploy one ES node in one kubernetes POD. Can anyone please help whether we need to create and run 4 different YAML file in 4 different kubernetes node/POD to deploy Elasticsearch or We can create one YAML file and mention the number of master/data/client node and ES nodes will create in different kubernetes node/POD.


This is what is done by default.

Yes, please refer to this example in the documentation. There are 3 masters and 10 data nodes but it can easily be adjusted to your needs.

Regarding Kibana please refer to the documentation here: Connect to an Elasticsearch cluster | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.2] | Elastic

Thanks @michael.morello for your help.

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