Need input for ideal master and data node cluster for elastic search

Hi Team,

I am trying to deploy Elasticsearch version "8.7.0" and I am currently using "2.7.0" eck operator.
I need to deploy Elasticsearch in master-data architecture.
Could you please share the ideal(recommended) number of master and data node count that I can use for the configuration of Elasticsearch service.
Also, could you please share the recommended CPU requests that needs to be used for master and data pods .

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Hi @susmithabadam1609

If you are just getting started with ECK I would highly highly recommend looking at

It is written by @Sunile_Manjee One of Our Opt Solutions Architects and is a great way to fast-track your ECK experience and knowledge.

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thank you @stephenb ! @susmithabadam1609 ElasticKonductor is designed to help you launch a K8s instance on any cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP), preconfigured with node pools, labels, etc. It then installs ECK. It is highly configurable and driven by parameters.