Deploy Kibana Docker with ready Dashboards

In our RnD we define Kibana dashboards on Kibana and Elastic that deployed on Docker.
In order to deploy the dashboards that defined by RnD in our staging and later in our production environments we need to manually export and import using Kibana UI.

Is there a way to initialize a Kibana docker container with predefined set of dashboards?

Alternatively, is there a way to initialize Elastic-Search docker container with predefined index as textual data, this way I can deploy it with the .kibana index and save the textual files that define the index in our github; for that purpose I'll have to know how to translate the .kibana index into that textual format as well.



So I checked in with our ops team- and they said - you could create another docker container with a dependency of the Kibana container and import the dashboard from there. Similar to Similar to how we used to setup Kibana here:


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