Deploying kibana-5.6 on bluemix

Hi all,

Anyone have tried to deploy kibana version 5.6 on bluemix?
I encountered issue of pushing the app to bluemix.
Thank you for help alot..

Errorstack as below:
async@0.2.10 /tmp/app/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/uglify-js/node_modules/async
Installing any new modules (package.json)

dtrace-provider@0.6.0 install /tmp/app/node_modules/dtrace-provider
node scripts/install.js
kibana@5.6.2 /tmp/app
└── (empty)
npm ERR! code 1
ERROR Unable to build dependencies: exit status 1
Failed to compile droplet
Exit status 223
Staging failed: Exited with status 223
Destroying container
Successfully destroyed container

Error restarting application: BuildpackCompileFailed

Can you give us more details from the install script that you're using?

I was following the guide below..

I have written to the blog author regarding on my finding to seek for their advice.

From what it looks that is a really old article that mentions Kibana 4.3 which is currently EOL. Also, the code changes there are not entirely applicable to the current version of Kibana and we recommend not doing that as it will most likely break Kibana.

I have no experience with Bluemix, but if I had to do this I'd look into deploying Kibana as a Docker container. From what I can see here ( ), Bluemix support deploying Docker containers and we provide an official Kibana docker image.
And this is our current documentation on using Kibana in Docker.

Good day Marius,

Appreciate very much for the suggestion.
I have tried to follow
to set up the kibana image in order to able run locally before deploy to bluemix.

I have

  1. Installed docker
  2. Pull kibana images

However, i have a problem to set up the elasticsearch url which i have created on bluemix on the kibana image.
Can advise on this? How can I open the image's kibana.yml file?
I tried to follow the guide in
but i cant get it through..
Appreciate to have more detail guidance from you ..

the images which i have pull locally.

wrong usage of docker-compose command..

There's an easy way to set Kibana settings without having to deal with docker-compose: you can set environment variables on your host and docker will check for them and add them in the kibana.yml file.The guide that you linked has a list of environment variables and their corespondent in kibana.yml.
Basically you need to set everything to uppercase and replace the dots with underscores.
In your case you would have to set ELASTICSEARCH_URL with the address of your ES machine.

Thank you Marius.

I tried to set up the Variables for both USER and SYSTEM variable as below:

But the image still not picking up the Environment variables setting..
To be noticed from the message.. the image is still pointing to http://elasticsearch:9200

that looks like you set the environment variable in windows. as far as I know the IBM bluemix OS is an ubuntu version so I assume you're ssh-ing into that via windows?
Can you clarify your setup better?
If you're using Kibana on windows while having ES on Bluemix you wouldn't have to use Kibana in docker in windows, you just get the Kibana zip package, unzip it, change the settings in the kibana.yml file and then run Kibana from command line.

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