Deployment of a ES cluster on AWS

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I want to deploy a cluster of Elasticsearch nodes on AWS.
All our existing infrastructure is using CloudFormation with Chef
cookbooks. We also did setup AutoScaling Group to restart application nodes
automatically when some are going down.

I have several questions concerning the ES cluster I try to setup:

  1. I was wondering what are the best practices for managing a ES cluster on
    AWS. Is it recommended to put the EC2 ES nodes in an auto-scaling group as
    well? Or is it a problem for the EC2 discovery?

  2. If the CPU goes at 100% on a machine, is it recommended to upgrade the
    type of the machine to something more powerful or to add a new node?

  3. Is there a recommended configuration schema in term of number of nodes
    in the cluster ?

Thanks a lot for your answer,
Thomas (@nypias)

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