Deployment of a Fleet-Server

Hello All,
We installed months ago Filebeat, Auditbeat, Metricbeat, Heartbeat and Packetbeat on our stand-alone Elastic-Server.
Now we have deployed a Fleet-server to have some experience with it.
Something is not clear in my mind concerning the Fleet-server: Can the Fleet-Server take on the functionality of Auditbeat, Metricbeat, Heartbeat and Packetbeat so that these services can be stopped?
Thank you for your answer.

It is not fleet-server that takes on the role of Auditbeat etc. but Elastic Agent. Elastic Agent is a supervisor that runs these Beats as subprocesses. fleet-server is also one of the subprocesses it runs.

Elastic Agent can be run in two modes, standalone and managed. Only in managed mode you need a fleet-server to manage it through Fleet UI in Kibana.

Hope this helps.

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