Description Failed to start elasticSearch source code compiling on Windows

How do I set es.path.conf? Is there a file explaining the setting method of this parameter in the project? Please advise. Thank you

IntelliJ IDEA version:2021.1
Elasticsearch version:7.10.0
Jdk version:14.0.2
Gradle version:6.6.1

This is mainly expecting to be started via a packaged version of Elasticsearch and thus requires certain settings passed as arguments and properties.

You could package Elasticsearch and connect via remote debugging or run Elasticsearch within an integration test (see the many tests ending on IT in the source).

if you add some more context, we can maybe figure out the right way based on what you want to achieve.

Do I need this configuration if I want to boot locally in Windows to learn the source code internal processing logic?

This might help elasticsearch/TESTING.asciidoc at master · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

Thank you for your answer, but it seems that Windows local debug cannot be used, I would like to ask if there is another way to start Windows local debug

Can you explain why the ./gradlew run --debug-jvm way does not work for you?

This command seems to only support debugging remote services

Yes, this is how you can start debugging in the IDE, it's a common approach and many Elasticsearch developers do it this way - I still do not understand, what is the problem with this approach, please be a little bite more specific if something does not work as expected or why this approach is not working out for you.

Thank you!

Thank you for your answer, but I tried to use gradle remote debugging mode and directly run the source main function of these two ways failed, is there any authoritative reference to run the source main function directly?

Maybe we are more inclined to the second debugging method. I asked some colleagues and they did not know what Gradle is. It is the first time I heard of Gradle

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