Design and General Questions - Nest

Hi all,

I just started with Elastic search and have to work using nest client. I have few queries regarding the design of index. Can someone help me in answering them.

  1. Is it possible to do a global search across different types?
    for eg: I have forum posts, wiki pages and Blog pages in my web site. So when I search for a word,can I do a global search across these three and generate results. How can I index the documents to achieve this? (Best example: Google search. search for elastic, it shows results across web pages, images , videos etc)

  2. I was reading the documentation for auto complete and came across another function context suggester. What is the difference between these two? From the documentation it is clear that autocompletion is something like suggesting and filling the word as we type. But I didnt understand what is context suggester and in which context can we use it.

  3. Are there any other resources apart from elastic guide to start with nest ?

Sorry for the very generic questions (as I said, I'm completely new to Elastic search). Don't know if I can even ask these questions here.

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to do a global search across different types?

Sure. Just don't select which document type or index to search within.

@magnusbaeck Thanks magnus. So is it like just call<>();

So is it like just call<>();

Sorry, I'm not familiar with Nest.

ok. thanks magnus.