Desktop Version Suppport Matrix

I couldn’t find the list of supported Desktop OS versions for Elasticsearch. It would be better if you can provide information about windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, MAC & Linux version compatibility matrix. This is only about Desktop version support.

Please note that I had a look at the server version support information here -

That list is all the OSs we support, irrespective of if they are labeled as desktop or server.

Mark, Thank you for the details. The list doesn't have the details for MaC OS or Windows 7, 10, Vista. Does that mean it is not supported for those versions?

Elasticsearch is likely to run fine on Mac OS X and recent 64-bit versions of Windows as a lot of developers are using this. They are however not formally supported platforms for production deployment, which I believe means we do not necessarily test extensively on them.

They are not supported. MacOS is special and, while not supported, is almost certainly going to work fine because lots of folks develop on MacOS.

Not supported means some fairly specific things from a legal perspective if you have a contract with Elastic and from a "if you open an issue about it we won't fix it" perspective. But it usually doesn't mean it won't run. At least for Elasticsearch. It might not run and if it doesn't we won't be able to help you with it. And we might break support for it in a minor release because we don't test against it.

But, as a practical matter, at least modern versions of MacOS are almost certainly safe.

If you want to prototype something against elasticsearch and it runs ok then, I'd say don't worry too much about it. If you are thinking of basing a project on Elasticsearch that has to run in Windows 7 or something then I'd stay clear.


Thank you for the assistance!! Highly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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