Detect anomalies for specified time

From the image, we can see that the job has triggered 3 anomalies. 1 severe and 2 minor anomalies.

I am ok with the 1st anomaly (minor) since it Is just a temporary drop.

I am also ok with the 2nd anomaly (critical) since there was a huge drop

However I'm not ok with the 3rd anomaly (minor) since the drop went to 0 and it stayed 0 for a long period of time. Also, according to me this is the most critical of all 3 since no data entered into my system. How to tune parameters so that these kind of anomalies are given the highest weightage

I disagree - the 3rd anomaly also contained critical scores (can see red, multi-bucket anomalies). Also, although the leading edge of the deep trough is a yellow (minor) anomaly now, it could have been scored higher at the initial moment of it occurring. You could check the intitial_record_score of that anomaly to see what the value was at the time of it being created.

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