Detection Alerts - Want To Only See that Alert

When clicking on a detection alert it shows the list with a list of other detections during a timeframe is there a way we can make it so it only shows that specific alert and not a list of others.

Like make that timeframe like exactly the time that alert came in?


Hi @austinsonger!

Thanks for your post! I just wanted to clarify, you're wanting to view alerts only from one specific timeframe?

One thing you can do is that you can go to the alert of interest and do the following:

  1. Click on view alert details
    Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 11.25.26 AM

  2. Hover over the timestamp value and find the icon that is a magnify glass with a plus sign

  3. Click on that icon mentioned in step 2 and you should now see the detections tab filtered by that specific timestamp

You can also save queries if this is one you often use or want to come back to.
Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 11.30.17 AM

Hope that helps!


When Elastic sends the link to JIRA, I want it to only send the link for that specific detection alert and not a timeframe.

Hi @austinsonger,

Are you talking about {{{context.results_link}}} ?


The current behavior of context.results_link does not filter the results to show only the specific alert either by the alert id or by the exact timeframe. Could you please open a feature request and tag it with Team: SecuritySolution?

Thank you!

Here it is.

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Thank you so much! I let my team know about it.

Happy new year!

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