Determining the url for reading json files

I'm looking to reading a json file for i18n support but unsure what the base path should be to get to the kibana project.

Thought it would be something like:
https://localhost:5601/aqo/app/kibana/src/plugins/kibana/public/settings/sections/indices/i18n/en.json but that just gives me a 404.

Sounds like you're trying to serve up a status file from Kibana, is that right?

It seems you are just trying to drop a file into the Kibana plugin's public path. The way the paths work is that plugins/xxx/ actually points to the public path in the plugin. So, I believe in your case, you'd just want https://localhost:5601/aqo/plugins/kibana/settings/sections/indices/i18n/en.json, assuming your file path looks like src/plugins/kibana/public/settings/sections/indices/i18n/en.json

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