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I have 66 index with a similar structure ike for example : abc_1, abc_2, abc_3 .... abc_n. They have a commun field name "identifiant". The id 1 may be in 1 or 2 or n index or only one and the same for the other id. I would like to create only one index with all the information from the id that are in all the index. I have try with devs tools but I think I did'nt have the correct way to do it because i'm novice with this tools of elastic.
Do you think it is possible ? If yes, what are the keys to make it ?
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Hello @vfeydel , welcome to the community !
You can use reindex API for this and specify the documents to be reindexed in new index using a query, which would essentially check if id field exists and its value matches your specific value.
OR you can create an ingest pipeline for reindexing.
Please refer: Reindex API Examples
and Reindex API with Ingest Pipeline

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Or look at using an entity centric transform - Transforming data | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic

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