Did Kibana Version 6.4.X and above remove the data table feature in Discover tab?

In Kibana Version 6.3.2 which was the version that I had been using before, there was an up arrow button in the Discover tab hits page that enabled the timeline bar graph to be hidden and instead show a data table along with a request, response and statistics tab.

I just updated to the latest Kibana version, 6.4.2 and apparently this up arrow button is no longer there, hence I can no longer access the data table. Can anyone here help clarify that this feature really has been removed and are there any other alternatives in Discover to view my data query and aggregations? Otherwise I would have to downgrade back. Thanks!

In 6.4.0, the "spy panel" functionality was moved to the new "inspector" workflow. There's a lot more info on this in the pull request: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/16387

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