Difference betwwen logs and apm

hi guys,

i've been adding apm into my applications, then I noticed that apm elk adds some indices into my elasticsearch, such as transactions, errors and etc
my questions is, if I have all this data in these indices, why i should use logs into my app?

just for context, today I have some trasports into my app, that I log some info like "User not found" or "Cannot find Email into databade", and all this data go to my elasticsearch, and now I'm wondering if I really need save this logs, even with all this data which is saves by apm

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Hi @guimap
Apm contains information in the context of a transaction, span, error for analyzing performance.
Logs, in turn, contain business or technical information about what is happening in the application.
In my experience, some data complement others. And you can configure the correlation of data apm + logs of your application. After this configuration, you can go from apm to discover to analyze the logs.

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hi @nugusbayevkk thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Basically, APM is related with requests and performance of these request, and logs is related to business, which contains data about business, like a message which valids a business logic, eg: "Cannot add the user because its doesnt belongs onto organization" ?

Yes, in general, it is :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply @nugusbayevkk

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