Different count of documents reindex problem!

I've tried to reindex in elastic version 2.4.4! But number of documents doesn't match! For example Index supersonic has 9736480 docs, but index supersonic-2.4.4 has 611 docs! How to reindex all the documents?
Found this in logs
[2017-02-26 13:07:44,131][INFO ][tasks ] 580715 finished with response ReindexResp
onse[took=59.8s,updated=0,created=611,batches=1,versionConflicts=0,noops=0,retries=11,throttledUntil=0s,indexing_failures=[org.elasticsearch.action.bulk.BulkItemResponse$Failure@6edfe959, org.elasticsea
rch.action.bulk.BulkItemResponse$Failure@615cbc4b, org.elasticsearch.action.bulk.BulkItemResponse$Fai

What does your reindex job look like?

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