Different Log Types from different Beat Apps on different Servers into Kibana

Hey all,

I am really new and we are trying to implement the full stack onto our Server-Infrastructure. However I cannot find any example via google regarding the following request:

How do you process multiple different Logtypes from different Servers through one Logstash filter into Elasticsearch?

I achieved to have one filebeat installed on a testserver and on the "test log server" i installed logstash, elasticsearch and kibana. All is working pretty good, I parsed the example appache file and everything works pretty well.

The next steps would be to add for example a WindowsLogBeat and a real Logfile for Filebeat.
My question is: how would such a logstash config file look like?
Can multiple Filebeat apps and windowslogbeat apps send to the same port? can i manage many different serverlogs and different application logs in one logstash instance?

I am pretty sure there is already an answer regarding these questions, however I was not able to find it so far. Any hint or help would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

One typically uses conditionals to select which filters to apply to which logs.


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