Different plugins in an unique visualize

I need to show in a dashboard different plugins configured on ElasticSearch. But every time will be showed just one of them because they are configured in the same position of the dashboard and other ng-clicks will manage the visualization of just one of them. So I think that I have two possibilities to managed it:

  1. Create a single visualize with the import of the plugins and the management what plugin will be showed every time.

  2. Create different visualizes but configured in the same position of the dashboard where just one will be showed every time and the others will be hided.

What is the best solution to manage it and how could I implement it?



Could you try to explain your use case with few images ? i don't think i understand what you are trying to achieve. Thanks!

I send you as attachment a generic dashboard with three visualizes configured. We can consider an example where the visualizes number 1 and 2 have a ng-click configured and the plugin showed in visualize number 3 changes when we click plugin number 1 or number 2.


this is not directly possible, but you could simulate this with markdown and multiple dashboards ...

  • you would create N dashboards (lets say 3) ... where they all have visualizations 1 and 2 ... but visualization 3 is different on each of them ...
  • now in visualization 1 ... clicking on a link (lets say its markdown visualization ... or your custom one) would take you to dashboard 2 with the second visualization.

This is a possible solution but we could a latency to change the dashboard. I would like use just one dashboard.

unfortunately that's not possible (without extending kibana in some way on your end)

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