Differnt shards giving different results

I am using Elasticsearch version 7.1.1.
My index and cluster settings are as follows.
Index Settings:
number_of_shards: 1
number_of_replicas: 2
Cluster structure:
Master nodes: 3
Data nodes:3
Coordinating node:2

For same query, i am getting getting different results.One shards gives a match and other 2 shards give no match.

My Observations:
Out of 3 shards only 1 shard gives the result for query.Other 2 shards give no match however that document is present on each shard.

Number of documents and size is same for each shard.

    index            shard prirep    state     docs  store   ip            node
    index-0             0     p      STARTED  541384 1.8gb es-data-01
    index-0             0     r      STARTED  541384 1.8gb es-data-02
    index-0             0     r      STARTED  541384 1.8gb es-data-03

Can someone please explain this behaviour or is it a known bug?

Does the inconsistency persist even after stopping all indexing and running POST /index-0/_refresh?

Thanks for your quick response.
Yes ,Indexing was stopped.I refreshed index manually.I observed the same behaviour.
Then i restarted whole cluster but issue still persists.

What is the search you're doing?

Its a multi clause query which consists of following clauses.
1 nested clause.
1 termset query.
4 match queries.

Or you want exact query?

Yes, the exact query would help.

Do you get different results when searching for a specific document: either an ids query or a terms query matching _id, preferably both? What about if you try and GET that document?

This very closely-related question seems to be due to inconsistent synonyms on the nodes, or synonyms that changed over time:

Does that apply in your case too?

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