Dis_max and boost

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I am confused about the way boosting works inside a dis_max query.

I have documents to search with two fields - "name" and "important".
Anything that matches within "important" must come before anything in
"name". The query I have is a dis_max of:

"match": { "name": { "query": "zzz", "fuzziness": "AUTO" }}
"match": { "important": { "query": "zzz", "fuzziness": "AUTO", "boost":
100 }}

The two test documents are: { "name": "zzz" } and { "important": "zzz" }.

They are scored the same on the above dis_max, and the explanation
doesn't mention the boost at all.

However, if I remove fuzziness from the "important" query:

"match": { "important": { "query": "zzz", "boost": 100 }}

Then the "important" document scores better, as it (in my intent) should.

How does boosting work inside a dis_max query?

How do I correctly boost the "important" field inside a dis_max?

Attached is the cURL reproduction of the problem.

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