Disable apm-token, or add custom annotations to it?

Hi thanks for ECK! I have a elastic instance in namespace A, but have a spring app that uses elastic apm in namespace B. The problem is, k8s Secret cannot be shared across namespaces, but we need the apm-token Secret to be able to connect to elastic apm server.

Thus, can I disable the auto-generated apm-token mechanism? I am using internal network so it may be safe enough.

Or, can I add custom annotations to the auto-generated apm-token Secret? If so, I could use something like "kubernetes reflector" to reflect the Secret into another namespace. But this all requires the original Secret has some special annotations, that is why I ask whether I can add custom annotations to the apm-token Secret.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Unfortunately there is no way to control to annotations set on a Secret for now, however there is a workaround explained here. You could also just annotate the Secret once it has been created by the operator, using kubectl annotate.

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