Disable fault detection for tribe node


I'm wondering if there is a possibility to disable fault detection for tribe nodes. In my current setup I want to create a tribe node and connect to two clusters which are located in different networks. However, it is a requirement that there are no connections initiated to the tribe node. Unfortunately, there need to be open ports on the tribe node due to the NodesFaultDetection mechanism. As a tribe node is not required for a cluster to be fully operational it would be nice to disable this mechanism for specific nodes. Is there currently any workaround how I could get this running ?

Thx in advance

This isn't possible, the Tribe node needs to know when a cluster is unavailable to fulfil it's role.

Thanks for your reply. If my understanding of the fault detection is correct, this should be the handled by MasterFaultDetection and not NodesFaultDetection. The problem is actually the connections originating from the clusters.

It'd be worth raising this as a Github issue and see what some of the core devs have to say :slight_smile: