Disable filter option (Dashboard Kibana)

Can I disable these buttons? I don't want users to see them.

Those buttons are not removable. You could modify Kibana from source and rebuild it after you hide them from CSS, but it would be hard to maintain a fork. Best thing I can do is add an enhancement request in our X-Pack repo which deals with users and access.
But out of curiosity, why would you want to remove them from there? Maybe we can achieve the same result using an available feature.

Thanks for your reply.
I'm building different URLs for user levels by changing the search parameters. By being able to change the query, the user can access data that should not have access.
Is there another way?

The simple solution for what you want to achieve is document/field level security, which is part of X-Pack. Other than that maybe filter the button out of your nginx or remove it from disk, this way they can't see it. It's not perfect, but it's not a supported behavior.

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