Disable machine learning process creation

I am using Elasticsearch 7.1.1 and noticed that when I start it, a process controller.exe (part of Elasticsearch machine learning) is spawned automatically. How do I disable creation of this process since I do not use machine learning currently?

I think this process only starts if ML is enabled (which it is by default). I think setting xpack.ml.enabled: false will disable it.

I tried that but I still see the process controller.exe running. Incidentally, this process goes away when I stop elasticsearch.

Interesting. I looked at the code and it seems this process must always run. It is launched very early in the startup of a node, before the security manager is installed, because the security manager prevents us from launching processes later on. Why do you want to stop it?

Hi David, I would like it "not to run" because it uses some amount of memory (~1 MB) which may cause a bit of issue. In addition, that may also raise some flags during the audit and we may have tough time explaining the presence even though we do not use the machine learning feature.

Not really sure how to help, sorry. These don't seem like very strong reasons for wanting this. 1MB of memory isn't much. Our services folk have a good deal of experience helping users through stringent audits if that helps.

Hi David, Thanks so much for your quick responses - appreciate it very much.

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