Disable ml mode snapshot annotations


The ML snapshot annotations are really annoying.. For example:

We don't really care about when a snapshot has been taken..

2 points:

  • Can we disable the snapshot annotations in ML explorer and series?
  • Currently the annotations table is imho 'too visible', I think it would be nice if the annotations table was in a sort of collapsable row.

Thoughts? Worth a GH issue?



Version 7.9+ allows you to hide system-created annotations to only show user-created ones, for example

Aah perfect, thanks @richcollier
I 'm still at 7.8.1, waiting for 7.9.2 to update my PR. Does the gui remember the filter choice?

@willemdh no unfortunately the UI won't currently remember your choices (filter setting, or whether the Annotations table is collapsed). This is something that would be worth us considering for a future release.

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