Disable scoring in Elastic Search and improve search performance


I want to improve the speed and performance of my search queries.

Currently, I am using filtered queries and also applying the "fuzziness" parameter on some of the fields in my index while searching. I have already kept the fields as "not_analyzed" to improve performance.
The query is equivalent to the SQL query (Select from where =).

Also, while performing analysis on my query in QueryProfiler, i found that boost query is consuming a certain amount of time. I am not concerned with the scoring of the records and wish to fetch the data as it is searched.
For that, I am planning to set the "norms" parameter to "false" while insertion and search operations.

What other steps should I follow to disable boosting & scoring and to fasten the search operations?
And what properties should I enable/ disable in order to achieve the specified purpose?

Thanks in advance.


If you don't need scoring, I wonder why you cannot remove the boosting part of the query altogether. It would help to see the structure of the query in this case. Also, have you tried limiting the performance impact of the "fuzzy" query by experimenting with the prefix_length or max_expansions parameters?

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