Disabling _all field from Index

(abhishek anand) #1

is it worth a shot to disable the _all field and reindex all the data? We are seeing huge latencies while indexing/updating documents. Could this improve the performance?

in our use case we do not query the _all field, so disabling it completely in the mapping won't affect our searches, constant score is what we use mostly, just that since _all is indexed so I assume disabling it completely would save up some time and reduce latency. Can someone please advise.

(Mark Walkom) #2

It'd be worth trying, only by testing can you say if it'll help.

(Vincent) #3

Well, if you disable _all you're saving like 50% of your disk space. That'll also mean more records to hold in memory. I think it'll help your performance.

Definitely try it.

(Mark Walkom) #4

That's a wild guess really.

Except ES doesn't hold records in memory.

(Shakun Vohra) #5

What was the outcome of disabling _all?

(abhishek anand) #6

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May 19

What was the outcome of disabling _all?

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~30% saving on the size of index

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