Discard documents when indexing with rules


Is it possible to add something like a "rule" into the index mapping/description or whatever configuration that could to resolve the following trick:

We want to inject lot of data into a dedicated indice, but we would like to do not index some of this documents if they do not match a rule. There is a feature that to this trick but only on the field level:


We would like to do the same but directly reject the indexation of the document is one of the field is
not in a dictionary.

Any idea ?

Thanks !

You typically identify this before you send the data to Elasticsearch and simply drop the document. As this is a common ingest requirement Logstash has a drop filter you can use for this. I do not see why you would do this in Elasticsearch.

Yes, it's what we use to do for other data, but in this new use-case it would have be interesting to filter documents during the indexation, based on a special dictionary.

You could use an ingest pipeline with a drop processor.

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Ok thank you ! This is very interesting for our usecase ! :+1:

Before we would have to switch from 2.4 to 6.x !!!

Thanks !

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