Disclaimer on "Customizing Your Document Routing" article?

Does anyone know what the big disclaimer at the top of https://www.elastic.co/blog/customizing-your-document-routing means?

I'm trying to transition from a one-index-per-user setup (which was killing me because of RAM usage) to a many-users-per-index setup. So routing is something I want to make sure I understand ... this article is very helpful, except it's explicitly warning not to trust it!!

I think that one of the reason is that you can not extract routing key from the doc anymore IIRC from 2.0.

Apart from that, I still think routing is good. :slight_smile:

I studied the routing concept in the above mentioned link. But my need is totally different. I have three type of logs like Prepaid, Postpaid & CDMA. The traffic is little bit high (1200 per second from each). I mostly search based on the type. For that I neeeded routing. But I cant allocate only one shard per type as like in the manual. So I want to allocate 5 shards for postpaid and route all the postpaid traffic to the 5 shards and so on for others also. The routing is based on the path
/home/ES/POSTPAID/SMSCDR_POSTPAID_160518010000_10.80.41.70_RS1.log /home/ES/CDMA/SMSCDR_DEL_ATTEMPT_160518000000_10.80.41.68_RS3_1.log /home/ES/PREPAID/SMSCDR_PREPAID_160518220000_10.80.41.88_RS10.log

Allocate 5 shards for one type.
Note: I cant maintain three indices for these three. I have indices based on the operator.

Hope I am understandable..

I don't believe you have another choice than building one index per type prepaid, postpaidand cdma.
On the opposite you can totally send all documents for the same operator within the same shard using routing.

These are same in the performance???

1 index with 30 shards 3 indexes with 10 shards each

Searching in 30 shards, wherever they are in 30 indices / 1 shard or 1 index / 30 shards has the same cost.

But remember that you want to use routing here.

So basically you will search in 3 shards at most.