Discover vertical grid lines gone - new "feature"?

We just upgraded our cluster to 8.11.1 (previously 8.10.3).
I'm seeing that the vertical grid lines in the discover results grid are gone.

Is that a new "feature"? Changeable somewhere? I've looked through release notes, dug through settings - not finding.

I just like the lines, looks more clean. Without them, the data is just kind of splatted out there.



It seems that they indeed removed it according to this issue:

I didn't updated to 8.11 yet, but now I will wait to see if this is reverted, it looks bad without the vertical lines, not sure what prompted this change.

Good find on the PR with the change - thanks.

I added a comment to that PR - doubt that will do anything, but just "one man's opinion"...

Wish it was a configurable setting before they just removed the vertical grid lines.

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