Disk.size is 10 times more than disk.indices

We are facing shard allocation issues because of disk watermark and when checked allocation API, strangely disk.size is 5-6 times more than disk.indices

[root@bcmt-ovs-control-0 ~]# curl -s elasticsearch.cgnat.svc.cluster.local:9200/_cat/allocation?v
shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.total disk.percent host ip node
 148 **2.8tb 16.7tb** 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-3
 147 2.8tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-0
 151 2.9tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-12
 151 2.8tb 16.8tb 2.7tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-19
 149 2.9tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-13
 155 2.9tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-6
 154 2.9tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-18
 147 2.7tb 16.9tb 2.6tb 19.6tb 86 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-1
 157 3tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-15
 147 2.8tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-5
 184 3tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-17
 148 2.7tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-9
 152 2.9tb 16.7tb 2.9tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-14
 152 2.8tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-8
 149 2.8tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-7
 151 2.9tb 16.7tb 2.9tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-11
 154 3tb 16.8tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-4
 184 3.1tb 16.9tb 2.6tb 19.6tb 86 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-10
 150 3tb 16.7tb 2.8tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-16
 157 3.1tb 16.8tb 2.7tb 19.6tb 85 cgnat-belk-elasticsearch-data-2

Can you please let us know why there can be such a huge difference.
Also please let us know if there is any process to clean up this disk storage?


Can you tell us s bit more about the cluster? What type of storage sre you using? Does each node has a dedicated data volume? Is there anything else running on the nodes or using the same storage?

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Elasticsearch is running in k8s cluster. Each node is mounted with dedicated PVC of Cinder Storage class.


How are the PVC configured? What is the total capacity of the underlting storage?

I have not seen this problem before so I wonder if it is related to how the underlying storage reports statistics, capacity and usage.


PVCs are configured via kubernetes "volumeClaimTemplates" . Each pvc is of 20TB. I'm not currently aware of the total size of underlying storage, will check and reply back.


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