Disk usage in Elasticsearch 7.2 vs Elasticsearch 2.4

Hey I have recently upgraded from Elasticsearch 2.4 to elasticsearch 7.2 and I was wondering that my index( 15 GB in 2.4 version ) I completely inserted the exact same index with same mapping, same number of documents, same replication and shards also but when I see the size in version 7.2 is 25GB and then I checked for few other indices I have in both new and older version, it turns out that the increase in size is pretty much around 40% for each index. So, I am missing something why is this increase in disk usage OR this is expected ( if the way ES internally stores data has changed in new version causing more space usage)?

The storage options may be different. Specifically, see if specific fields are "stored", and if "doc_values" are enabled. I think doc values=true was made default near version 5.


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