Diskio growth additionally to total values

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Hi all,

when visualizing system.diskio.read.bytes I get only a growing chart of total bytes. This is not very handsome. I need a growth in read.bytes per rtt-interval (round trip time).

Is there any of the following solutions implemented I can use:

  1. an option=delta in metricbeat which provides (additionally) the difference between actual read.byte and read.bytes from previous run (by keeping them in memory in the harvester) or

  2. a pipeline function to access the previous value for same key-measurand to built a difference or

  3. a scripted field function in Kibana to build a difference of 2 values in sequence or

  4. a movavg(2) function in Kibana's visualization to calculate growth.

If not, are there any plans to implement any of them (option1+4 preferred). I imagine you also already noticed, that implementing the go diskio package is too less (otherwise you would have build a sample diskio bottleneck dashboard) and that building the difference is the key to success for diskio analysis.

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What you are looking for is probably this issue here: https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/2783 Feel free to add there your thoughts.

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