Display a percentage column in any table visualization (Data Table or Visual Builder Table)


I am struggling to find a way to add a percentage (%) column to a table that contains more than one aggregation. I know that you can add a % column to a table in the visual builder visualisation, however it seems that you can only add 1 aggregation and multiple metrics. My use case is as follows:

I want to be able to aggregate by 'Car Brand', 'Car Model', 'Model Year' and then apply a Count metric on each unique row in the table and then lastly (which is my question) add a % column that does the following calculation: (Count/ Sum of Count) * 100. Is this currently possible and if not, is it on the road map?

Car Brand Car Model Model Year Count %
Toyota Hilux 2017 7 21.88
Toyota Hilux 2016 8 25.00
Toyota Corolla 2019 12 37.50
BMW M2 2009 5 15.63

Thank you in advance.

you should be able to achieve this in Visual Builder, I know it's a long thread, but it's a very good read:

Thank you Marius

I thoroughly read through Doing Math over count of events, however I could not find any information on how to use the Table visualization in the visual builder. Would you please explain to me how to add another terms aggregation to the table?

Here follows a screenshot of the first column (Car Brand) that I added. I now need to add "Car Model" as well as "Model Year".


Thank you for the help.

I found the answer: according to 'group by field' in Visual builder Table it is currently not possible to add more than 1 bucket (terms aggregation) to a table in visual builder.

Thank you.

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