Display concurrency in data on Kibana

(Jacob Harasimo) #21

@benpolzin I have the same situation.

currently using kibana 4 and elastic 2 but cant get the script to work there, are you able to share you example?

I'm also having talks with devOps about upgrading to 5 so if you find a solution there it would help

(Ben Polzin) #22

Hi Jacob, the Groovy script based on the simple example data earlier in the thread is available in my previous post. Just click the "Groovy script for 5.2" text to expand that section.

(Jacob Harasimo) #23

I saw that and noticed its not quite right as it still uses start_time and duration, not start and end time. did you ever get this working in timelion?

(Steve Crickett) #24

Has anyone attempted to re-write this groovy script using Painless yet?

(Ben Polzin) #25

Haven't gotten this working in Painless yet, but I recently tried the new 5.2 beta of Kibi from Siren Solutions and their built-in Timeline visualization may be enough for you. It doesn't chart a total number of concurrent events at a given point in time, but it will show all your concurrent events stacked on top of each other. If the number of concurrent events you're tracking is a relatively low number this visualization might be enough for your needs.

(system) #26