Display live image data (base64 jpeg) in Kibana

The issue is because you are using the wrong aggregation. You have used count which is going to provide a count of documents, i.e. a number. To retrieve the actual text value of a keyword field, you must use a top_hit aggregation.

In the example below I am fetching the value of the most recent network interface name in the data. You will also need to use a size of 1 to retrieve only a single value.

The actual markdown that prints the value is {{ latest.netif.last.formatted }}.

You will need to wrap your data value in the other text needed and I expect it would work. Something like:

![label](data:image/png;base64,{{ YOUR DATA VALUE }})

I've tried it, but nothing is displayed :frowning:
Only the label

in Discover tab I do see the image

If I copy paste it directly instead of {{ latest.photo.last.formatted }} I do have an image displayed

Thanks for your help.

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