Any way of displaying JPEG + stats on a visualization/dashboard?

What I would like to do is display a JPEG picture of say a network, and display stats - either on top of the image, or in a table at the side.

Are either of these options possible please ? Has anyone done anything similar to this please ?


There's no way to superimpose these two. But you could have a markdown box with an embedded image beside it?

Otherwise, please feel free to raise a feature request :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Mark.

Technically how could such a feature change be done ? Would it be in a similar way to the geo-mapping, but splitting the image into X/Y co-ordinates and mapping on top of it ?

I have no idea sorry, that'd be something for the devs themselves to decide :slight_smile:

Mark - just to clarify - do you mean a markdown box with an embedded image in it ?
If so can the image be held on the Kibana server and referenced from the Markdown - do you have an example of where the image would be and the markdown syntax ?

Many Thanks


No, Kibana cannot do this.

On another server and Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation

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