Image Cloud in Kibana

Hello All, I am thinking to create a image cloud (similar to tag cloud, using images instead) in Kibana. I could not find any visualization in Kibana 7.0. I am exploring markdowns to display static images for now, is there a way to connect markdown to a elasticsearch index? Let's say I have a image URL field, when added to the markdown it'll directly show images serially in markdown!

It seems that Markdown supports that static URL path only. Load image with Markdown in Dashboard

You can use Field formatters that support Image type to display your field value (on a dashboard, for example) as an image.

Hello Mikhail Sir,
Thank you for your reply.

Can you suggest me a widget/visualization which can show images on dashboard? I tried a couple but had no luck. So, I decided to use URL type in Field formatter to show URLs in table instead. Thanks, take care.

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