Limitations of image in markdown widget

Hi All,

Can I include an image in the markdown for Kibana dashboard either by using private git-hub URL or by putting the image in one of the coordinator node of elastic-search?
I have already achieved getting image in markdown widget from local computer as well as by copying address from online image, the only thing I'm trying to understand is that from what all sources we can use the image.

Thank you!


Images have to be served by a URL. Something like ![My-Image]( . I have personally not tried it from an co ordinating node. As long as you have access to the image( png) you should be able to embed it.

There is a suggestion here that may help.

Hope this helps

I'm using Elastic 7.6 and the path(/usr/share/kibana/src/ui/public/image/) you have mentioned is not present in the given ES node. Is there any other path used in ES 7.6?


cc @timroes - can you please help with the exact path here to change the image in 7.6


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